To the boys I’ve kissed pt2

We knew each other for about fifteen minutes before we kissed. Blonde and blue eyed but a tad too short. You’re weird and kinky and a bit far away but it’s ok. I kind of dislike you but we have a lot of fun together.

You put your arm around me at a show and I slept over at your house. You’re kinda just a rude asshole but for some reason I like spending time with you?? I hope you don’t tell all your friends that we hang out. I don’t even know what to do with you. Last time we hung out you didn’t kiss me so we probably won’t ever again.

I wish we didn’t meet on a cruise and you didn’t live in another state. Bearded and blue eyed and we hung out until the morning talking about music and math. Sucks I’ll probably never see you again. 

I came to your house after midnight and we cuddled until the morning. I actually liked you. I told myself to be good and I was convinced you were digging me. But since I have yet to hear from you again I guess I was wrong. I was having a crazy night and I blew it. Give me another chance!

I’m never home anymore and when I am it’s to sleep or get ready and that’s all. So when I am actually there, I go immediately to my bed and I just lay there until I fall asleep fullly dressed like so

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